Water and Sanitation

Water is the lifeblood of society making sustainable water management an increasingly important consideration. Patrok Group has been involved in numerous projects to create sustainable engineering solutions in

  • Water supply projects,
  • Effluent handling systems,
  • Mine service water supply,
  • Storm Water management and Pollution containment systems.
  • Project lifecycles,
  • operational factors and environmental factors are all integrated to provide sustainable solutions that ensure ease of operation.
Marine, Hydraulic engineering, Water and Sanitation Services:
  • Engineering and consultancy services
  • Infrastructure design, monitoring, backstopping and supervision of implementation
  • Socio-economic and financial analysis of infrastructure investment and operation
  • Advisory services for institutional and legal reform
  • Capacity development and training
  • Applied research and thematic studies
  • Policy and strategy development
  • Programme and project identification and preparation
  • Project implementation, supervision and monitoring
  • Review and evaluation of projects, programmes and policies