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A geographic information system (GIS) is any system that captures, stores, analyses, manages, and presents data that are linked to location. GIS is a special-purpose digital database, in which a common spatial coordinate system is the primary means of reference. Comprehensive GIS requires a means of:

  • Data input from maps, aerial photos, satellites, surveys and other sources
  • Data storage, retrieval and query
  • Data transformation, analysis and modelling (including spatial statistics)
  • Data reporting such as maps, reports and plans

Patrok Group has recognised the opportunity to apply this technology to initiate and develop a Bentley Map Software tool that can assist in the facilities management of complex and technologically advanced infrastructure such as process plants, power stations and other industrial developments.

GIS Expertise and Experience include:

  • Using the Bentley Map together with Microsoft Access and SQL Server
  • Accessing GIS with web browser tool
  • Redrawing input from existing drawings to CAD and linking to GIS
  • Converting data between different Geodetic and Local Coordinate systems
  • Development, administration and maintenance of the GIS database
  • Linking existing and new electronic data to GIS
  • Populating existing databases to the GIS and creating linked objects to location infrastructure